Revolutionizing Ticket Monetization
for Sport Clubs

Convert Tickets into digital assets (NFTs) and allowing them to be traded
in a controllable marketplace

End-to-End Ticketing System

WEB3 Marketplace

Provides a marketplace to generate, buy,
rent and sell tickets in the form of NFTs
(digital assets)

Match Day Authentication

It also Provides a state of the art in match
authentication system, eradicating the second
market and making the process seamless

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Smart Contract

CDesigned from the ground up to
be compatible with all generations
of NFT Collections


As an on chain platform, user
protection is guaranteed by the
default nature of the blockchain


Our solution design is applicable
across any ETH smart contract
compatible chain

Blackmarket Eradication

Eradication of Second Market and
Black-Market Renting and Selling


Our Smart Contract is designed to
be customisable in parameters





Marketplace Image


Provides a marketplace to generate
and trade: buy, rent and sell tickets in the form of NFTs (digital assets)

Marketplace Image

Ticket Collection Wallet

Fans can manage their tickets and
collectables in-app or using a browser

Marketplace Image

Match Day Authentication

Utilize the best ownership authentication system based on latest blockchain technology, using commercial mobile or tablet devices

Marketplace Image

Blockchain Backbone

Tamper proof blockchain backbone, state-
of-the-art transparency & analytics directly from blockchain

Marketplace Image

Customizable Dashboards

Customize your admin or partner
dashboard to match league or
management special requests 

Marketplace Image

Scalable Infrastructure

The solution is build on a scalable infrastructure, utilizing latest AWS
cloud and Eth. web3 technologies 


Customization Examples

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Convert Tickets to
Digital assets Creation

You don’t have an existing NFT
tickets, we can create it for you

Custom Integrations

Do you need to integrate the
ticketing systems with your
existing solutions? Here you go!


Build your own Bots to manage
the list and expired NFTs

Fiat to Crypto

Avoid strict regulations related to Crypto transactions, all transactions can be done in real money

Mobile App

Build your custom made
Mobile App